Push You

Frequently Asked Questions

What permissions does the app require?

Push You only needs an internet connection. We do not access your contact list, calendar, location, camera, microphone or any other data.

How is my phone identified?

When you first start the app, your device generates a unique identification number. You do not have to register at all. This unique identification number will be deleted when you uninstall the app or reset the app data.

What data is collected about me?

The app generates a unique identification number. This is the only kind of identification. The app won't transfer your name, location, mobile number or serial number. The server knows the date of your last app activity. This is for inactivity measurement. We also reserve the right to create a global statistic of the sent sounds. This includes how often, when, which sound was sent.

Will there be an iOS release?

No. I don't own the required hardware.